Bakugan Battle Brawlers

  • Angelo/Diablo Preyas (Aquos/Pyrus/Haos)
  • Rabeeder (Subterra/Haos)
  • Tricloid (Subterra/Haos)
  • Tayghen (Aquos/Ventus)
  • Hairadee (Aquos/Ventus)
  • Druman (Pyrus/Darkus)
  • Centorrior (Pyrus/Darkus)

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

Chaos Bakugan

  • Iron Dragonoid (Pyrus/Darkus)
  • Cyclone Percival (Aquos/Darkus)
  • Flash Ingram (Pyrus/Darkus)
  • Mutant Krakenoid (Aquos/Haos)
  • Mutant Krowll (Haos/Aquos)

Battle Brawlers

  • Mercury Dragonoid (Pyrus/Darkus)&(Pyrus/Ventus)
  • Mutant Helios (Darkus/Pyrus)&(Darkus/Ventus)
  • Mutant Taylean (Ventus/Pyrus)


  • Aeroblitz (Pyrus/Haos)
  • Magmafury (Ventus/Darkus)
  • Scorptak (Pyrus/Subterra)
  • Betakor (Aquos/Subterra)
  • Volkaos (Ventus/Aquos)

Ultimate Bakugan

  • Maxus Helios (Pyrus/Subterra/Haos/Darkus/Aquos/Ventus)
  • Maxus Helios Mk2 (Pyrus/Subterra/Haos/Darkus/Aquos/Ventus)
  • Maxus Dragonoid (Pyrus/Subterra/Haos/Darkus/Aquos/Ventus)
  • Maxus Cross Dragonoid (Pyrus/Subterra/Haos/Darkus/Aquos/Ventus)


  • Helios (Pyrus/Darkus)
  • Viper Helios (Pyrus/Darkus)
  • Cyborg Helios (Pyrus/Darkus)
  • Helios Mk2 (Pyrus/Darkus)


  • Pravdopodobnie Viper Helios, Cyborg Helios i Helios MK2 to też hybrydy ,ponieważ Iron Dragonoid Pyrus/Darkus miał te same kolory (czarny i czerwony) co Helios.

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